Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rest easy Otis: One final ride for The Coughing Dog


Since Otis was the inspiration for this blog, it makes sense that I write one last post to share the sad news that on Saturday, December 28th 2013, I put Otis to sleep. He was about 11 years old. Otis was an old dog with degenerative hip issues that made some of the most basic functions in his life painful, difficult and embarrassing.

Otis was my best friend, a truly loyal companion. He was by my side for more than 10,000 miles of walks, 10 winters, 4 cross-country trips, and many hikes up many different mountains. He would join me to go bouldering at the base of Mt. Crested Butte, to mountain bike at Hartman's Rocks in Gunnison, swim at Post Pond in Lyme, NH, and to tow my townie across town in Crested Butte to Peanut Lake Road for an off-leash run. Otis went to more cool places with me than anyone else I've traveled with: Red Lodge, Montana, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Moab, Utah, and Harpswell, Maine to name a few.

Otis also kept things interesting. He was quilled 5 times, skunked once and even caught a baby deer once - but he just licked it and tried to get it play with him. He also chewed through the seat belts in my car twice during thunder storms. There isn't enough page space for all of the things he did that made me laugh and gave me stories to tell.

Otis was a constant source of companionship, friendship and warmth to me. If you know me at all, you know what he meant to me. Thanks to everyone out there who shared an experience with us. They're some of the best of my life.

Best wishes,


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