Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the archives: Client 9 and Phil Went Skiing

During the early fall, Client 9 and I decided to take a ski trip. Not one where we'd fly in some where, ski and fly out. And certainly not one within driving distance of our home bases on the East coast. We flew into Denver, rented the biggest car they had and set off. This is our trip.

Special thanks to Kinsman, Stevan, the Prospector's Hotel, the desert and Will for putting us up along the way and to Snipes, Nate, Katherine and Will for joining us for pieces along the way. It was memorable.


  1. Well played.

    "Hop in buddy" -- best line.

  2. Sweet video. Who's on the teles?

    What's the song on the first half?

  3. Replies
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